February 10, 2010


Great idea. Gone horribly wrong due to lack of objectivity. This is what defines Delhi-6 for me. But I always believe in trying to find merits in efforts. So, here is this great song from this film. I doubt people have taken the trouble to attentively listen to it and comprehend the lyrics. So, as you read this, play the song along with it. You will love it. This is what Prasoon Joshi can create when he gets a solid concept:

hey kaala kaala kaala bandar bahar hai ya andar
hey kaala kaala kaala bandar jo dhoondhe sikander…

it wasnt’t me, i swear
everybody’s lookin' for da monkey out there
blame da kaala bandar, blame da kaala bandar
everybody's lookin' for da monkey out there

aao hum sheesha dekhein, usmein sandesha dekhein
apna ghaayal hissa dekhein, apna asli kissa dekhein
ghunghat ki gehraayi mein, phan phailaye kaun hai
jhak safed libaason mein, kaala-sa sach maun hai
choos le choos le choos le choos le, life ki phaaank le
tank jhank tank jhank tank jhank tank jhank, dil mein bhi jhank le

kasmein to moomfali hain, jab jee chahe hum khate
upar se na na na karte, par thali aage sarkate
ek thailee ke chatte batte, armaan hai hatte katte
natak yeh natak natak, band kar zara jhooth ka phaatak
choos le choos le choos le choos le, life ki phaank le
tank jhank tank jhank tank jhank tank jhank, dil mein bhi jhank le

i heard he’s two feet tall and bites off your knees
i heard he’s hot metal teeth and wears superman briefs
that makes sense, i saw him flyin' last week
he was invisible, some one saw some movement in the trees
i heard he’s an experiment gone wrong
a monkey alien that’s been left in the sun too long
i heard he’s a cyborg…..you’re right!
made from parts of a toaster and a nuclear bomb
but who’s actually seen him….nobody
this all seems a li'l bit dodgy

saarey reeti-riwaz hata kar dekho apne ghar ke andar
shayad kahin kisi kone mein oongh raha hai kaala bandar
in galion main rang hain kitne, kitni partein, kitne pardey
kitni partein, kitne pardey, kitni partein, kitne pardey
aur pardon ke peechhe pardey, aur pardon ke par kahin par
dard chhupa hai, ghav chhupey hain
raaz kayee dabe paon ghuse hain

jaan ke bhi anjaan hain hum sab, paagal ya nadaan hain hum sab
jaane kaun se rang mein range, hamaam mein hum saare nange

i like the kaala bandar, since he came along things changed
many things have been arranged
there’s way more police in the streets
so i feel safe at night when i go to sleep
now we always got electricity
so i never miss my favourite show on TV
i’m happy with the bandar as long as he don’t get me
he can stay even longer it don’t bother me
bandar kaala bandar don’t go way
bandar kaala bandar i beg you to stay.

choos le choos le choos le choos le, life ki phaaank le
tank jhank tank jhank tank jhank tank jhank, dil mein bhi jhank le


  1. :) i couldnt've agreed more with you as far as Delhi-6 is concerned..but did you get around watching it only now after a year of its release? it was a good concept but ..! like u said not many must have even appreciated lyrics or thought process gone behind this wonderfully penned song by prasoon joshi..he's so gifted n these lines make so much sense don't they!

  2. Glad that you agree completely.

    And I did watch Delhi-6 first day first show. But only recently discovered the entire lyrics of this song. And as I always do, I decided to share this song here on this blog.

    Also, it is only after some time has passed that you regain your objectivity and look at cinema from all perspectives. I can still watch the movie anytime. There are so many merits in that. So many things to learn. And so many not-to-do things to learn too.

    Keep reading. Cheers!

  3. dude i would lyk 2 share ur view.just wanna know ur stand on swades coz i seriously feel it's sharukh's best n 1 f my personal favourite.it has no star cast bt every character has lived their role 2 perfection even d village farmer 1ly ashutosh gowariker has courage 2 make such muvi

  4. Dear Rahul,
    Ise Hindi mein 'vishayantar' kehte hain! :)

    Jokes apart,
    I agree with everything you say about Swades.
    It is one film that makes me believe that SRK is capable of lot more than he does. He is not doing justice to his capacity. Although that his personal decision, but I really hope that as he matures further, he will play more such roles. I am still waiting for his best to come.

  5. 'vishayantar' --nice one :D ... staying on that course .. first time i heard 'kala bandar', felt it was another 'urvashi urvashi' kinda track from rehman :) ..composed for south cinema ..with hindi words used just as fillers.. but then ,expected better from prasoon and was vindicated ...perhaps the lyric got lost in the bohemian nature of the track.. though only after after reading the lyrics here in entirety , the nuanced lyrics became this clear ..nice work satya !!!
    now onto another 'vishayantar' ...i guess you have already watched 'ishqiya' ..i got into this debate yesterday with a like minded cinema buff on "ishqiya vs. kaminey" as a cinematic accomplishment ...would love ur take on that :).. it all started bcoz people wr simply swept off by kaminey ..whereas i felt kaminey was more guy ritchie than tarantino, if you talk of the cliched references ..only if it wr the other way round .. felt that vishal was trying hard to cater to the genre in some moments ..found ishqiya's direction more uncompromised ..although it could certainly have been written a bit better atleast towards the end ..

  6. I agree that Kaminey was more Guy Ritchie than Tarantino and yes it was more of a genre film... but I believe Vishal always wanted to make it that way...
    Ishqiya is the best possible film on that script. All the problems with Ishqiya are related to writing, i.e. screenplay (dialgues are great). But on that script it is as well made as possible.
    So, I agree with all you say.
    But here is one nuance I would like to add. The good 'direction' work in Ishqiya is overt and obvious. It is easy to realize that here is a well-made movie. The case with Kaminey is different. There is more subtlety to the display of accomplishment as a director. To appreciate this, watch Kaminey and instead of focusing on the story, focus on camera (frames and camera movements) and edit pattern. Just focus on the way visual elements like light-shadow, rains, smoke-fire etc are used. In spite of being a loud film, there is a certain subtlety to it - a sign of a mature director. His brilliance and his attention to detail is not on the face.
    Let me give an example: As Tashi - the great reaches Bhope Bhau's place at the climax, he looks at his name-plate on the gate and mouths the name. But what he says is muffled and the name-plate is hardly there in the frame. But it actually is there. A more conventional director would have read this scene from the script and while shooting it he would have had a separate shot of the name plate looming over us and Tashi clearly reading that. Here, you just have a hint of this effort. They have taken the effort and then diluted the expression. This is just one of the examples. I do not know whether I am making myself clear or not but there are various such examples. I wish we could watch these movies together again.