August 13, 2010

Being Beautiful

Talking about the merits of ‘Aisha’, a leading trade-guide (and self-proclaimed film critic) writes: “The film did showcase Sonam as a fashion icon.” Point taken, Sir.

This brings me to something Sudhir Mishra had told me not so long ago. He said: “In our film industry we don’t tell stories, we make lifestyle statements.” Can it be more true? Our films are about what clothes you should wear, about the latest fashion trend; they are about stylish cars and foreign holidays and everything else but honest storytelling. Our stars are not actors, they are brand ambassadors. ‘Aisha’ is really a beautiful film; even those who have hated it admit that.

P.S. My last few posts have been full of negativity and I think that is not the right thing to do in this forum where we should be celebrating cinema. In my posts to follow, I’ll try to stick to discussing cinema. No use indulging in calling bad ‘bad’. Let’s focus our attention in understanding what makes good ‘good’.

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