August 17, 2011

Simple. Clear. Successful.

I feel guilty for having watched 'I am Kalam' so late. Guilty, because now I do not have sufficient time to recommend it to all. Tomorrow would be the last day of its run in the theatres. And most will miss the chance of spending on a good Hindi movie, for a change.

Most Hindi movies are bad because they lack clarity of intent and execution. Nila Madhab Panda's 'I am Kalam' succeeds because it has its basics right. I would like to enumerate some points, that we already know but fail to consider while making our films, which are the reasons behind this little film's triumph:
  • Create interesting characters. Do not try to make the audience pity them, rather give them some dynamic qualities that the audience will admire.
  • Keep the story focused and moving, simply, without resorting to complications, but conflicts.
  • Understand the scope of your film and work within your canvas with complete trust on your story.
  • Do not preach, even if you have something meaningful to say. Try to keep things light and entertaining.
  • Cast correctly.
  • Camera angles and great shots do not necessarily make a good film. Aesthetic weakness can not ruin a film with a good script. Aesthetic brilliance can not save a film with a bad script.
  • Do not take yourself too seriously. Humility is a desirable quality in a filmmaker.
  • (And as Dr Kalam says) Never stop dreaming. If you believe in your film, you will be able to find the theatres despite the unfavourable mechanisms of this film industry.
Strongly recommended.

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  1. watched it...loved it...and as u said,a good hindi movie,for a change :)