June 05, 2012

A Fun Trip to a New Professional Territory

“This was a day of new beginnings. आने वाला वक़्त देगा पनाहें, या फिर से मिलेंगे दोराहे? Insha Allah!” – From my diary entry on 16th July 2010, the day Udaan was released.

Four weeks later…

“The most sensational news of the day was this call from Vinod Chopra Films. We’re going to meet them tomorrow.” – 13th Aug 2010.

“Reached Vinod Chopra’s office around noon. Devanshu could not join. Meeting Rajesh Mapuskar was great. He was very impressed by me, my story (MBBS and all), and my poems. I committed myself for this work that seems wonderful. It is not official yet. We are supposed to do some work during the next two weeks before a final decision will be taken by them.” – 14th Aug 2010

“This is really fascinating – that each project comes with an opportunity to learn something new. In order to learn more about the Parsi community, I have bought and have started reading Rohinton Mistry’s ‘Such a Long Journey’.” – 23rd August 2010

“Today I met them and recited all the seven songs/poems I have written in the last few days. Their reaction, in general, was positive. Rajesh also made us listen to the Theme Music of the film. It is inspiring.” – 30th August 2010

“We will be given one song to write for the film. The meeting today was good, though I was nervous. But Vinod Chopra got really impressed by our work. He congratulated us and gave us a hug. Now, it all depends on us to write the best possible lyrics for the tune.” – 18th September 2010

“Rajesh didn’t like the song we shared with him today. But he is very patient and has asked us to keep trying without hurrying.” – 21st September 2010

“Spent several hours at the office but could not come up with anything.  I felt as if I should finally give up writing this song. But then, a little encouragement from Rajesh changed everything. Within a short time I wrote the entire song. And when they listened to it they were overjoyed. For me, it was a wonderful feeling. But we need to polish the song.” – 9th October 2010

“Devanshu and I worked on the song and presented it to Vinod Chopra. He is a genius. Within moments he took the song to a different level by making subtle changes. After this meeting Rajesh told me – “You can now call your parents. Call them, right away.” This means we are officially ‘in’. Bimal Sir SMSd me – “You can’t imagine how happy I am for both of you. You have consolidated my belief that persistence is the key to success. God bless!” – 11th October 2010

“Shared the improved draft with Rajesh and Vinod Chopra. They say we’re almost there. Vinod made a few suggestions and wants me to go through those.” – 16th October 2010

“The song is almost approved. We just have to improve four lines.” – 25th October 2010

“I spent 9 hours at VC office today. I was hoping to lock the lyrics today. But that didn’t happen. They want us to improve it further.” – 29th October 2010

“Rajesh explained to me the problems with a couple of lines and we started reworking on them. Devanshu and I did a lot of hard thinking and we kept trying until he could not stand his rising fever. We then returned home.” – 10th November 2010

“I don’t know when this is going to end!” – 11th November 2010

“I think I want to quit. Of course, that would be a wrong thing to do.” – 12th November 2010

“Devanshu is admitted and is on Ringer Lactate drip. Bimal Sir had called. He and Rajesh Sir are concerned about his health.” – 13th Nov 2010

“Vinod Sir has proposed to bear all expenses on Chhota Shu’s treatment. I had no words when Bimal Sir called to inform this. It is such a great gesture! Called Mummy to share this news with her.” – 15th Nov 2010

“The entire song was locked today, except one line. I am supposed to think of more options and email to Rajesh Sir. I also thanked Vinod Sir today for his gesture and what followed was a memorable chat.” – 19th Nov 2010

“Today is the recording of your first song as lyricists.” – Bimal Sir’s message to me, 26th Nov 2010

A few months later…

“Met Rajesh Sir today. He played for us the “Mausambi Song”. It left me emotional – all that pain of writing it flashed before my eyes. But I’m so happy now, and proud to be associated with this unique song.” – 7th March 2011

More than a year later…

"The Music Reviews of 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' are out. Phone calls and messages are pouring in from friends and well-wishers. Many of them are listening to this song on loop, which is called - Life Yeh Mausambi-Si!" - 21st May 2012

Click here to listen to the song.

The movie is releasing on 15th June. And it begins with this song. So, please be on time! :)


  1. :) :) :) :) :) oh the smile refuses to come off my face since so long..heheee...happy happy for Chhota Shu and Bada Shu! :D
    cheers to many more fun trips ahead :)

  2. Still haven't listened to the song. I am waiting for a good net connection. But I have heard it's a wonderful song, as said by somebody close to me, 'bada nazaredaar gaana hai'. So happy for u. lage raho munnabhai...

  3. Dear Satyanshu
    I have already listened to songs three times. It is very interesting. I am more interested in the post-lyrics journey of this song i.e.the choice of rusty music, rock-n-roll band type feel of 60s and travails of recording process. it is a universe within a universe. My feet are rocking and i am writing. What a coincidence! dhoop ke fawware mein.
    Keep it up.

  4. Congrats Satya.. Keep working hard.. MANY MORE MILES To GO..
    God Bless U.

  5. Thank you all. :)

    @Sunil Aggarwal Sir: The tune was ready when we were brought in. Also, the decision had been made regarding the kind of programming the song would adopt. As we wrote the song, they were ready with the programming, including the whistles, horns etc. Once we finished writing the song, it was immediately recorded in the voice of the singer.

  6. Many congratulations Satyanshu, now since the movie is released and the music is a success, I can definitely say that it is a trend setter. I am so very happy for you..... god bless and keep up the good work.


  7. Well it was already friday and i checked for tickets online but to my disappointment, it was not open yet. and by 3pm i recieved an SMS from my friend, i have booked tickets for us. It has been too much of satyanshu overload for her for the last whole month since he declared about the song being out on the youtube. But yet, my dissapointment turned into elation and we were there in the almost fully occupied hall (a rare sight) at Shaw cinema bugis, singapore. The names started coming out on the screen with the song which my dear friend has beautifully written,and i was waiting for that moment where i could see those names that i have been advertising to everyone who i talked to and who watches hindi movies, for the last one month (of course "mere dost ka gana hai", "mere dost ki movie hai"). Well i was getting very anxious as people were still coming in to fill up the few leftover seats and obstructing the screen and i had no choice but to stand up and come to the middle. There those names appeared on the left corner of the screen along with amitabh, swanand and guru. "Tuney dekha kya", i asked my friend and she said yes, she did . I didn't know what else to do, make shout and tell everyone, its my friend's movie?,wish i could. Then i just wished i was at OAT, and we could give him a standing ovation, and in my heart i did.Of course the movie was good and the night was definitely one of the most awaited one in my life. I am sure there will be hundreds of such nights in my lifetime. My best wishes!!