October 21, 2012

Mumbai 2012 Day #2: Redemptions

Five movies in a day! Finally, after a long time, I did hit the perfect score!

The first three were all made by debutante directors. The Mongolian film, 'The First Aggregate' (2012) was truly 'interesting' - a term which is an essential ingredient of any festival experience. It had some brilliant moments, scattered along its vague, incoherent design. Movies like these make you feel you are at a film fest. 

It was followed by a touching Brazilian drama, 'Father's Chair' (2011). I wonder how many 'road movies' we can watch, that explore the themes of love and longing, coming-of-age, and redemption, without getting bored. If a film is well-made, it can reinvent the father-son tale and make it look fresh. This film was stunning in its use of images.

The third film of the day was an Argentinian drama on eight days in the life of a weight-lifter, eight days that change his destiny. 'From Tuesday to Tuesday' (2012) was one powerful film.

Modern Japanese Master Takeshi Kitano's 'Outrage Beyond' (2012) was eagerly anticipated. Though it must be one of his weakest films, just a couple of scenes made my day. And it also made watching the fifth movie of the day much, much easy.

The film of the day was undoubtedly 'Rust and Bone' (French, 2012). Featuring the amazing Marion Cotillard, it was engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. Telling the unusual love story of an amateur fighter and a killer-whale trainer, it had some truly 'cinematic' moments, those that make you gasp and cry.

Already feeling sleep deprived. Travelling down to Nariman Point and back takes time!

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