March 11, 2013

Finally, a Decent Score!

TSPDT's list of the 1000 greatest movies is my favourite such compilation of great movies. It included shorts and documentaries and animation and avant-garde films along with the features. It also includes film-series like 'Berlin Alexanderplatz', and features films from all over the world.

In November, 2010, I had finished watching one-fourth of the list, that is 250 film. By November, 2011, I managed to finish one-third of them. Last month, I went past the 400 mark, and for the first time I'm feeling good about my score.

The next post on this topic would be when I go beyond 500. That would be a day! It should happen some time next year.

Following are the ten movies that were my journey from 390 to 400:

THE SEARCHERS (John Ford / 1956) Ranked #9
GERMANY, YEAR ZERO (Roberto Rossellini / 1947) Ranked #218
4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS (Cristian Mungiu / 2007) Ranked #862
FORBIDDEN GAMES (René Clément / 1951) Ranked #684
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (Steven Spielberg / 1977) Ranked #249
DO THE RIGHT THING (Spike Lee / 1989) Ranked #135
MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (John Ford / 1946) Ranked #138
TIME OF THE GYPSIES (Emir Kusturica / 1989) Ranked #649
HANA-BI (Takeshi Kitano / 1997) Ranked #808
CLOSE-UP (Abbas Kiarostami / 1990) Ranked #79

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