July 02, 2013

A One-day Film Fest

Last Tuesday I did something I had never done before. And it was so much fun. Fun Republic, the closest movie theatre, is 20-minute walk from my place and on Tuesdays their ticket prices are lower than other days. The back-log of pending movies was building up and I knew if I didn't watch them soon, I am going to miss at least some of them. So, I decided to watch three movies on the same day, alone.

Started the day with 'Raanjhanaa'. I thought it had a very good story, about a man obsessively in love with a woman who never returns that love. And the dialogues were amazingly delicious. Despite that, writing remains the biggest problem with that film. Clarity and focus in storytelling, along with identifying and maintaining the right mood and genre elements is very important, especially mainstream films. Despite a very good job by the director, an incredible and endearing performance by the male lead (I can watch the movie again just because of Dhanush and the dialogues), and powerful music, the film still fails to soar from its amazing first act. However, I think this is a film that must be watched, and am very happy that it has been successful.

I returned home for lunch and then had a long discussion with my brother on a story idea I had had a day ago, followed by another extended discussion with a friend on his script. By 6.30 in the evening, I was back to the theatre. This time to watch the highest grosser of this year - 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani'. It has its moments, and I think the biggest achievement of the film was that I liked Miss Padukone for the first time in my life. Frankly, I was disappointed by the film, as I thought it was just about OK. I am not surprised that it is a successful film. But I really do not know why it became so successful, among the biggest grossers in history. I don't know why audiences are watching it again and again. The lady sitting behind me had definitely seen it at least once before, as she could not stop mouthing the lines and reacting to the jokes before they were delivered!

After the long second film, it was already 10pm, and I was tired and hungry. I wasn't sure if I will be able to sit through another film. But I had already purchased the ticket and so had no option. I quickly grabbed a bite at McDonalds, made a brief but important call, and then rushed back to the same screen, to the same seat (I had taken the tickets keeping that in mind). And then they played 'Fukrey'! What a film! I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did others around me in that packed house. It was also the perfect 'closing film' for this mini-festival of mine.

On the whole, that day was pretty something. To be honest, I want an en core soon. I don't know how many of you have done something like this. If you haven't, give it a try. If the movies are above average to good, you won't really regret this indulgence. :)

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