November 29, 2013

Some Wisdom from Wim Wenders

This is an interesting read, where the legendary Wim Wenders shares his 50 golden rules of film-making. I am sharing seven of those here, which I want to remember forever:
  • Respect your actors. Their job is 10 times more dangerous than yours.
  • Don’t look at the monitor. Watch the faces in front of your camera! Stand right next to it! You’ll see infinitely more. You can still check your monitor after the take.
  • Before you say “cut,” wait five more seconds.
  • Rain only shows on the screen when you backlight it.
  • Mistakes never get fixed in post!
  • Having a tight schedule can be difficult. But having too much time is worse.
  • Don’t tell a story that you think somebody else could tell better.

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