April 08, 2014

The Most Scandalous Film I Have Watched?

A Lars von Trier film does not shock me any more. It seems I have accepted him as an unapologetically provocative film-maker and am willing to watch anything he creates, and mostly he offers something much more than just blood and gore and graphic nudity. There have been films like 'Eraserhead', 'Dogtooth', and 'Cannibal Holocaust', which have been very disturbing to watch.Then there are films which are made to cash on their sensational content without any real merit. But to watch an acclaimed master like Nagisa Oshima make 'In the Realm of the Senses (1976)', a film with endless and tiring unsimulated sex and hardly any plot movement or character development, was very shocking for me. And then the climax is graphically so repulsive that I really think this is the most scandalous film I have watched. Please watch it only if you have the gut and the spirit to forgive and forget.

P.S. Have been travelling since the first week of March. Hence no post all this while. Really missing writing on this space. Wish I could multi-task more effectively.

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