June 23, 2014

Our First Film Poem: Ishq ki Ijaazat

You can click here to watch the first Film Poem Devanshu and I have created for online release. It is a four-minute video. And you can read the poem below. Let us know your reaction to it. Thanks.

इश्क़ की इजाज़त

दो इश्क़ की इजाज़त, इल्ज़ाम अब हटा दो,
हम ग़ैर हैं नहीं - ये एक बार तो जता दो.

पूछो ज़रा खुदा से जिसने हमें बनाया,
क्यूँ ख्वाहिशें अलग दीं, क्या रंग ये चढ़ाया?
और बोलते हो तुम कि हम क़ुदरती नहीं हैं,
तुम भीड़, हम ज़रा से, तो भीड़ ही सही है?
अपना सके हमें कोई दूसरा खुदा दो...

सदियाँ गुज़र-गुज़र कर करती रहीं गुज़ारिश,
न तुम बदल सके, न ये तोहमतों की बारिश,
फिर भी हमें हमेशा जो चाहते बदलना, 
इन्साफ ये कहाँ का - बस बात ये बता दो…

यूँ सहमे-सहमे कितने यहाँ छुपे हैं,
क़ायदों के पर्दों की ओट में रुके हैं,
ये क़ायदे उठा लो, बाहर हमें बुला लो,
हमको बराबरी की तुम आज इब्तदा दो,
हम ग़ैर हैं नहीं ये एक बार तो जता दो...

थी क़ैद कब मोहब्बत मज़हब के दायरों में ?
न क़ौम रोक पाई, न ज़ात टोक पाई,
न उम्र के फ़रक़ को भी आशिक़ों ने माना,
फिर आज तक हमें क्यूँ है रोकता ज़माना?
दो दिल ही जुड़ रहे हैं, दे दो दुआ इन्हे भी,
इस दिल के जश्न को थोड़ा अपना मयकदा दो,
हम ग़ैर हैं नहीं ये एक बार तो जता दो,
दो इश्क़ की इजाज़त, इल्ज़ाम अब हटा दो.


  1. बहुत अच्छा विडियो बहुत अच्छी कविता है । बस ये लाइन 'इस दिल के जश्न को थोड़ा अपना मयकदा दो' फ्लो तोड़ रही है ।

    सादर, दिव्य प्रकाश दुबे

  2. Agree with the 'love' to be brought in open. Why only the love between two individuals where 'sexual orientation matters'? Rather to put it 'straight', the highest form of expression(Specially between the couples) we all have received 'naturally' (if you don't want to agree with 'God's given') that is 'Sex'. Who is disagreeing with the brotherly love? Well about the film.. they still will never be able to prove on what grounds they are right..! They are just going after the feelings. After all those who do not give them the permission they are asking for, are not allowing them because it doesn't seem natural, in my opinion it is just one of the many basic reasons. Science itself is uncertain about these sexual orientations as it about everything it discovers and invents. Science always just supposes the things. And because others have been allowed to do something that doesn't seem normal, they too want to go their own way..you can not apply the same parameters to every issue in hand, well again who is stopping you..! Why in the first place you need a permission to do something that seems right to 'YOU'?. Why so much of hue and cry then? You seem to be fighting every other way..protests, societies, forums, bodies, literature and now this one an emotional outcry, but failing only on one basic ground 'morals..! Saying it all, it is just like the loving parents stopping their kids doing something which will hurt them..that's what all it is. We love them as human beings irrespective of their sexual orientations. But can't help if you don't want to listen.