June 11, 2015

Use of Moving Camera and Montage: Lessons from 'Cape Fear' (1991)

Sharing another video essay that I've created to understand how a director can use the power of moving camera and montage to add style to content. Hope you like it!


  1. Fantastic. The opening shot you used that introduces De Niro's character is a perfect example of telling a story visually, where the camera moves over the pictures on his prison wall, to him , on his back showing the weighing scales, to the prison bars and his release all in one shot with just one line of dialogue that rather adds to the story than to explain it. I also particular like the hidden cuts in whip pan, especially the second one where the shot actually gets closer to the lady. Also when De Niro is kicking Nolte, we cut closer on action as he kicks. Also the reveal of De Niro hanging upside down is phenomenal. Scorcese also used many dutch angles in this film and I also remember one shot where he used a diopter lens. The best part about Scorcese is that he is always experimenting and re-discovering himself.

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