March 20, 2009

Stanley, Oh Dear!

Had heard that he is considered the most versatile filmmaker we have had. And today I realize he has surprised me every time I have watched one of his films; every single time. Never expected 'Eyes Wide Shut' to be what it was. And meeting 'Dr Strangelove' was close to insane. Perhaps it was stupid of me to expect something from his films after watching the first two. What should you expect from a Stanley Kubrick film? Nothing. Because it is not easy to face outrageous surprises time and again. There is one thing, just one, that you can expect however. Some rules of cinema are going to be shattered with each of his films. And considering his range of work, seems he has actually torn the conventional book of filmmaking to insignificant bits and pieces. For those who have not yet discovered him, there is this example - the first and last twenty minutes of one of his films have no spoken word at all!

My past three days have been Kubrick's. 'Full Metal Jacket' was the last, preceded by 'The Shining'. And the first of the three was '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Why I am mentioning the first movie last is because of the sheer hypnotic spell it has cast over me. I can not write about it any more at this moment. I want to roam about in that subjective world he took me to, without objectively analysing the details. It has been indeed one of the most amazing cinematic experiences of my life. And I know what I am talking about. Thanks Stanley, for everything. And thanks forever for the 'Odyssey'.....

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