December 13, 2009

Getting Cinemate : #4 Storyboard

When the screenplay is ready to shoot, it is called the Shooting Script. Each scene is then broken down to shots, as shooting is essentially a shot-by-shot procedure. After this, each shot is sketched: its subjects and essential elements within the frame. This series of drawings and captions that show the planned shot divisions and camera movements of the film is called a Storyboard. It greatly resembles a comic strip. And the art is called Storyboarding.

Akira Kurosawa used to paint his frames himself prior to shoot. But otherwise, most directors take the help of a Storyboard Artist who sits with him and gives suggestions and helps him in getting his vision documented in the form of sketches. This is the stage where cinema moves from written medium to the arts.

Note: The arrows in the storyboard signify intended camera movements.


  1. a totally unknown one for me!!! the arrows depict the camera movement that decided solely by the director or the cinmatographer is the one calling shots ?

  2. it is always the director who takes the final decisions.
    but he relies on the cinematographer for solutions.
    generally, the director conveys what he wants, and others find ways to achieve that, they give him choices.
    and the director then takes the final call.
    he is the captain of the ship, right?

  3. so basically direction is like adding the parts to sum up to more than the expected total :)

  4. direction is direction... literally.

    he sees what others can't, and finds a way to achieve that, by using all resources he has, including HR.

    it is his vision, it is his language, it is his creative responsibility...

    case study: Mangal Pandey
    the technicians did all they could have done, but if the vision is not correct, you can go nowhere.