December 12, 2009

Getting Cinemate: Intro

A new series begins here. I hope series with shorter posts can be more fun. Please tell me what you feel.

I, through this series, would like to define certain terms that belong to the field of cinema, mostly theoretical and technical, but terms that cinema lovers should know. Or at least, terms that make us more 'cinemate'.

I begin with this term itself: Cinemate. It is a neologism, meaning 'cinema literate'. A person who is cinemate has developed a better understanding of the medium. And all cinema lovers, knowingly or unknowingly, are progressing towards increased 'cinemacy'.

I am usually asked by friends, the meanings of 'screenplay' and 'cinematography'. Through this series I would like to explain terms as simple as that to Mise en scene. And infinitely more words and concepts that I have to learn myself...

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