July 20, 2010

More Poems By Rohan

Thank you all for appreciating my poems in ‘Udaan’, and especially for applauding the film. This is the kind of cinema I believe in, and the response we are getting assures me that a good and honest film will always find its audience.

There were continual requests for the poems to be featured here as well as on the Udaan Facebook page. Today, I had a call from Ishika, Vikramaditya Motwane’s wife, informing that they are adding the poems on the Facebook page. Here is the link.

Although, I have decided not to share my random poems on this blog as it is dedicated to cinema, here is some more of Rohan’s poetry that could not find a place in the film.

The poem that Rohan recites in the park to his uncle and dad had three stanzas. The film features the first and the third, the second stanza was edited out. Here is that ‘deleted stanza’:

मीठी-सी धुन वो तुम्हें क्यूँ बुलाती नहीं पास अपने, पड़ा सोचता हूँ;
थाम हाथ लहरें कहाँ ले चलेंगीरेत पर तुम्हारे खड़ा सोचता हूँ;
खोल खिड़कियाँ जब धूप गुदगुदाए, क्यूँ नींद में पड़े हो, क्या ख्वाब की कमी है?
अखबार और बेड-टी के पार भी है दुनियामैं रोज़ इन सवेरों में गड़ा सोचता हूँ.

And now the poem called ‘Udaan’. This poem was my immediate reaction to the script. I wrote this just to get into the mood of things. Vikram, the director, selected me for the job when he read this poem. But there was no scope for it in the film. Let me share it here. Consider it Rohan’s work:

आदत उस परवाज़ की पड़ी है जिसके कुछ पार भी नहीं,
वहाँ जहाँ का सफ़र मिले तो चाहूँ मैं घर-बार भी नहीं,
वहाँ जहाँ से जहाँ खिलौने जैसा लगता है देखो तो,
वहाँ जहाँ होने को हो फिर पंखों की दरकार भी नहीं.

कच्ची किरणें सोख जहाँ अम्बर कुछ भूना चाह रहा हो,
घटता – बढ़ता हुआ चाँद अब कद से दूना चाह रहा हो,
कभी अब्र का कोमल टुकड़ा उलझ गया पैरों में ऐसे,
जैसे बारिश बने बिना मिट्टी को छूना चाह रहा हो.

ख्वाबों के पंखों पर उड़ता-उड़ता रोज़ निकल जाता हूँ,
अरमानों का असर कि हो जो भी ज़ंजीर फिसल जाता हूँ,
नहीं अकेला पाता खुद को, खुद टुकड़ों में बिखर-बिखर कर
नयी मंज़िलों की कोशिश ही प्यास बने, मचल जाता हूँ.

ओस छिड़कती हुई भोर को पलकों से ढँक कर देखा है,
दिन के सौंधे सूरज को इन हाथों में रख कर देखा है,
शाम हुयी तो लाल-लाल किस्सा जो वहाँ बिखर जाता है,
गयी शाम अपनी ‘उड़ान’ में मैंने वो चख कर देखा है.


  1. पढ़ी| अच्छी हैं| पर समझ में नहीं आयीं| हा! हा!
    seriously thinking of joining Devanshu's Hindi comprehension classes :)
    will need to read them a few more times (and slowly) to get a more grasp..
    and if everything else fails, you are always there!

  2. the second stanza along wid the 1st n 3rd...pure awesomeness! and the "Udaan" poem is a master piece.

  3. Bahut achhi lagi. are you planning on writing some more. can i expect lyrics from you in some coming up movie or ur own collection of poems or short stories or even a novel. please write. you write amazingly well. sitting in the cinema hall, i felt goosebumps as i listened rohan saying those lines. you are too good.

  4. Just brilliant!! too sad for the viewers, this could not find a place in the movie ..
    The shift in mood ,from aspiartion to conviction as the poem flows along, is really well crafted .. but then i know its way more deep and layered .. one for the keeps ,to read and savour again and again :)

  5. @satyanshu: You are gifted buddy. I wish that your pen garners more power with every ticking second. Amen.

  6. Thanks all of you.

    @Saket: Insha Allah

  7. just brilliant ...please do write more eagerly waiting

  8. I saw Udaan last Sunday. I personally felt that your poems were better than the film. I liked the movie though.

    I waited to see your name on screen :)

  9. Thanks all.

    @JAFB: I am a big fan of yours. Your blog is one of the best I have seen and you really inspire me with your passion for cinema. Read your review of 'Udaan'. Wish we had real critics like you writing in popular media.

    @Neelabh da: Reading your comment I felt bad. :) But that is your opinion. Thanks anyway.

    @rahul bharti: I will share only those poems on this blog, which are related to cinema. Thanks for your encouragement, though. Pray that more of my work features on the big screen and thus reach out to you. :)

  10. an interesting read on the Debating Udaan : The ugliness of indian male - http://bit.ly/bDHq5C

  11. Hello...Am led to this blog from Mihir's take on Udaan in Hindi (http://mihirpandya.com/2010/07/udaan/)...Er..have you translated the article as u commented there?....Am really wanting to read it but with my fluency in Hindi...it'd take a looong time....tx...

  12. @ Arthi:
    Send me your email ID at s.satyanshu@gmail.com
    I will mail you the translation.

  13. Thanks for the reply Satyanshu...just sent the email.....:)...

  14. Awesome ! I was looking for it and finally I reached here. A lot of my time will go now in exploring your posts :)

  15. bahut hi umda..
    kuch meri rachnaao par gaur farmaaye aur mujhe apna paraamash ya aashirvaad de..

    APRABHAAVIT (hindi rap)

    Abhaav Ka Prabhaav Nahi..
    Ghaav Hai, Dard Ka Par Bhaav Nahi..
    Mushkilo Me Mushkil Hai Rakhna Bartaav Wahi?
    Har Mausam Me Paaoge Mere Tan Par Taap Yahi..

    Ho Rut Koi..
    Hota Rutbaa Wo Hi..
    Jiski Aankho Me Doorbeen Na Ho, Rukta Wo Hi..
    Jeevan Ke Vraksh Se Suvidhaao Ki Shaakhaaye Kaat Di Jaaye, Nahi Jhukta To Bhi..

    Kya Main Naastik Hu?
    Sankat Ke Samay Bhi Na Aastik Hua..
    Aapada Se Parha Vaasta, Apne Aap Par Rakhi Aastha
    Aur Adhik Vaastavik Hua..

    Kami Dhan Ki..
    Banjar Na Kar Saki Zami Man Ki..
    Ichchho Ki Mrityu Par Mere Ghar Me Nahi Gami Manti..
    Kaamyaabi Ki Lapto Ko Uunchaaiya Chhoone Rok Sakta Nahi Kam Eedhan Bhi..

  16. It's 1 30 in the morning here and I've been sat with my Hindi-English dictionary for a while, persevering with those last few missing pieces to complete the images in my understanding. The strength of my longing to drink in this poem has surprised me. I feel sleep eluding me as my mind is on an unchecked 'udaan' of its own.

    Love the easy power of this flight: the world seen as a toy from the heights, the cupping of the sun in his hands. Love the youthful self sufficiency of 'nahi akela pata khud ko, khud tukdo me bikhar bikhar kar'. Love the magic of the second and final verses.

    I feel young again, dreaming easily. You have just sprinkled stardust in my world with these words.

  17. @Smitha
    That was a huge compliment.
    'Dreaming easily' is the word.... I don't understand why people find it difficult to dream...
    Thanks a lot again.

  18. Amazing poetries just amazing. Hatss off sir hats off

  19. बेहद उम्दा, प्रशंसनीय। प्रेरक भी।

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