July 01, 2010

My First Flight

“Read the script of Udaan… So well written… I wish I were a part of this film.” - My diary entry dated 25th May, 2009.

“Congratulations Saty. You have been asked to write poems and a short story for Anurag Kashyap’s next production Udaan which is being directed by Vikramaditya Motwane.” – My brother’s SMS dated 8th June 2009.

“ Talked to Mummy. I hope they are glad. I don’t know…” – My diary entry, same day.

“Vikram gave me my cheque, signed by Anurag Kashyap. I do not have a Xerox copy of my first paycheque, but I’m definitely going to keep one of this.” – Diary entry, 28th June 2009.

“It was a strange feeling, definitely. I could feel goose bumps all over me as Rohan started narrating my poem on screen. Although I wasn’t satisfied with the way the poems appear, I liked the movie. I’m happy with the way it has shaped up. I’m satisfied with Vikram’s direction and impressed by the 16mm-sync sound he has used. And I would ask my friends to go watch the film.” – on Udaan’s rough-cut screening, 11th Jaunary, 2010.

“What a news! What a start!! Udaan has been selected for Cannes. Un Certain Regard. Vikram is so happy and proud. He must be. What a great beginning for him! It is competing with 18 other films, one of which is Godard’s!” – Diary entry, 15th April, 2010.

Udaan doesn’t quite soar.” – a not-so-positive review by Gautaman Bhaskaran from Cannes.

“well made, involving…” – Roger Ebert from Cannes.

“… unlikely to secure widespread critical support but… even the most cynical might find it hard not to respond with a lump in their throat.” – Allan Hunter from Cannes.

“…a well told story that speaks from the heart and goes right through it.” – Fatema Kagalwala from Cannes.

“I complete two years in Mumbai today. What a journey it has been!” – Diary entry, 30th June, 2010.



  1. why does this post not include the phone conversation between you and shekhar kapoor?

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  3. the beginning of long cherished dreams come true... soar high... udaan...
    and is the movie title a mere trivial mathematical coincidence naming your first flight? :)
    all the love & unadulterated wishes...

  4. I remember you told me about writing poems for Udaan and i had completely forgotten about it. Wow! This is one movie I am eagerly waiting for. Well done.

  5. till about a few weeks ago, i just knew that you have written some nice poetry for one of Anurag Kashyap's movies .. watched promo of 'Udaan' for the first time with a P.S. from priyadarshi mentioning 'Satya's poetry in there'..and by now even my regular sabjiwala knows that atul's frend has written that wonderful bit of narrative poetry for Udaan..
    Miles to go ... but a great start buddy !

  6. Thanks all for such an encouraging response. I hope the film touches you somewhere.

    That Shekhar Kapoor episode was not mentioned as it puts lot of emphasis on the quality of my poems in the film, something I'm not very proud of. In fact, if I had not seen the film and if I were not sure about the product, I would not have written this post in the first place. It is the project I'm proud of and its timing in the screenplay of my life. As you know, I'm not very happy with the poems.
    Moreover, all close people know about the episode, no point in announcing it on a public stage.
    But the way you people take pride in these things makes me feel blessed. :)

  7. Hi satyanshu,
    Is it getting released in Dubai?


  8. Sir its a great feeling to know someone who knows how to chase his dream and achieve it so beautifully...wish u gud luck wid numero uno....looking forward to seeing Udaan...the promos appear to be good, all d best again!!

  9. hey satyanshu(better known as saty) .congratulations,well done.. i still remember your first movie. well it was partly edited on my comp.. all the best in life.

  10. @Manish
    You are Jajo Sir, if I'm not wrong!
    Wow, what a pleasant surprise.
    Plz give me ur number.

    And thanks a lot.

  11. awesome movie dude....loved ur poetry..saw it today itself...n esp loved d part when d credits were rolling n there was ur name on d BIG screen!!!! proud of u dude!!

  12. Hey Satyanshu.. If u remember me ur senior in RKMV amit 2... Just watched d movie.. spellbound .. nt bcoz u hv written some lines in dis movie so m partial... d impact of ur poems n stories, m short of words n adjectives.. awesome man!!! kudos!! just felt 2 proud wen saw ur name in rolling credits... mind blowing....

  13. Watched it today. will take some more time to sink in. happens with some movies and me. And, on demand, can you pls post a copy of poems here(in hindi)...

  14. saw udaan.. your poetry is breathtakingly beautiful.. would love to read more of them here.. freshness of 'joote kahan utare the' to innocent brave spirit of 'chandu ki cycle' to the resilient subtle aggression in the one rohan recites to his father.. wonderful..!! the one posted here, 'to an old friend' is another lovely piece.. sunday mornings indeed meant singing 'jungle jungle baat chali hai..' in chorus.. great work.. congratulations..!

  15. Thanks all of you....
    @Rich didi: It might release in Dubai this Friday, i.e. on the 23rd.
    @Amit da: of course I remember you... who can forget Amit2da!! Thanks a lot.
    @Priyadarshi: I don't think posting the poems here would be correct. I would rather want you to go for the movie again and again!!! :)
    @Svetlana: Thanks a lot for those kind adjectives... BTW, I have dedicated this site to cinema and only those poems of mine will feature here which are related to motion picture. Guess, we'll have to find other avenues for my poems! :) But, thanks so much...

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  18. This movie has been designated a Critic's Pick by the film reviewers of The New York Times.


    And, did I mention Inception also released the same week. Must have forgotten. Okay, it did.

  19. I am dying to watch the movie!! But, yar ye Shillong, Haridwar se bhi bada gaon hai!! ::(:(:(

  20. love your poems....for me they were the soul of the movie. would love to read more.
    all the best cheers

  21. Now that i has released...u must know that d kids back on facebook...who relate like hell wid udaan are running crazy after ur poetry! A massive thanks on their behalf!

  22. sataynshu sir,, this is ohri . wanted to let u knw that im not surprised , and not are many who know you personally. what we are is elated and happy for you. but i feel the impact of your success is deeper on those who know you personally . udaan is and will be ur first big venture , and the fact that it symbolises ur taking off too is great. may you fly higher than ur dreams . u have all our best wishes . again congratulations on the beginning of your udaan .

  23. you might like to see this

  24. when did u write choti choti as i remember, u recited the poem to me b4 , good going tried to call u saturday night at my usual time but tera phone off tha ya kuch prob tha was not able to get u will call soon..........

  25. back on your blog after ages, and thrilled to know you've written the poems for Udaan! I've heard quite a lot about it..great going.I hope to catch the movie this week.Congrats :)

  26. congo satyanshu da..!! it was an awesome experience to listen someone's creation whom i know since my childhood. god bless u!

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  28. Thanks Sreedhar. Someone has commented on this post after such a long time! :)
    And thanks for your kind words. Keep watching great cinema!