February 02, 2012

'The Descendants' (2011)

Days are extremely hectic, so I don't get to write on this space too often. Even my 'movie-count' has gone down - only a dozen movies in 2012 so far.

But I managed to watch Alexander Payne's 'The Descendants' (2011) at PVR Juhu this morning. I was kind-of surprised to see the fairer sex outnumbering the males in the audience, though it completely makes sense now. This is a film to watch with your loved ones (except kids for its "inappropriate language"). Please go for it.

And watch it on big screen. Good American Dramas rarely come to our cinemas.

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  1. A movie named Land Gold Women from Avantika Hari is one of the best movie I've seen this year. It connects somewhere. Thanks for posting. Keep posting for us.