October 19, 2014

Mumbai 2014 Day #3: Cultures and Communities

Stations of the Cross (Germany/ 2014) by Dietrich Bruggemann: A film in only 14 shots. Brilliant performances. Tremendously involving narrative. Won screenplay award at Berlin this year. And yes, a film on religion is an essential ingredient of the festival week.

Difret (Ethiopia/ 2014) by Zeresenay Berhane: There is something about true stories. In the end when the little girl says, "I don't feel like Ive won anything", I could feel a sudden rush of emotions within me. Very important film. And well-made too. Won 'audience awards' at Sundance and Berlin this year.

Broken Hill Blues (Sweden/ 2014) by Sofia Norlin: A loosely-woven mood piece set in a small mining community in North Sweden. The director was present, and very candidly admitted that she wanted to make this 'crochet-like' film without any clear narrative. Also answered my question regarding not opting for a wider scope ratio because there were certain interior scenes where she wanted more intimate compositions.

Barf (Iran/ 2014) by Mehdi Rahmani: One day in the life of a crisis-ridden family as they prepare for the daughter's engagement. Wonderful characters. Lot of humor. Without losing the touch with truth and reality. The similarity with my feature script and this is uncanny.

Blind Massage (China/ 2014) by Lou Ye: Perhaps the most original piece of work I have seen out of all 15 movies in three days. From content to craft, it had so much to offer. Took time to grow, but its hangover has been tremendous. Won 'Outstanding Artistic Contribution' for its cinematography at Berin 2014, and rightly so.

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