October 21, 2014

Mumbai 2014 Day #6: Genre Rules

Watched four movies today, taking the six day total score to 28. I really want to end up at 33, equalling my last year's total. Somehow, after the 5th and the 6th days, I am feeling satisfied with this year's experience. Some very special movies have made it happen. And the last day is supposed to be awesome. Also, now the trailers Devanshu and I made for the festival are playing before every screening. You can watch them by clicking here.

The movies that I watched today were:

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014/ Iran) by Ana Lily Amirpour: An Iranian film. Designed in B&W, like a Western, with great music, and a Vampire love story as its text. Can it get more surprising than this? It seems the film decided to change the image of Iranian cinema single-handedly. What style! What fun! I can watch it all over again. On big screen.

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (1970/ Italy) by Elio Petri: A restored classic. I am so glad I decided to watch these classics. Five minutes into the film and you know what you are watching is so much better than most recent movie. Very unusual crime drama. Very interestingly done. Had won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film for that year.

Macondo (2014/ Austria) by Sudabeh Mortezai: Very involving coming-of-age story of an 11 year old Chechnyan refugee living with his Mom and two kid sisters. Wonderful performances.

Schimbare (2014/ Spain) by Alex Sampayo: This is a thriller that grows slowly and steadily before exploding into a devastating climax. However, because of its subject and the violence depicted in it, some in the audience could not react favourably to it. I feel sorry for them. Seriously. Because this indeed was a very, very well-made film.

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