November 07, 2015

MAMI 2015 Day 7: The Grand Finale

What a brilliant end to this year's festival! 

Michel Gondry's latest, 'Microbe and Gasoline', was an endearing crowd-pleaser and it was the perfect film to start the final day. Watching it with an egaer and enthusiastic audience just made it better. 

It was followed by Iceland's 'Virgin Mountain', another heart-warming story about a 45-year old virgin. Poignant and beautiful, the film had won Best Narrative Feature, Screenplay and Actor at Tribeca.

I then traveled all the way to South Mumbai to catch the last two shows at Regal. The German film, 'Victoria', is unlike anything you have seen before. A 135-minute shot telling the entire story, the film's cinematography won Silver Bear at Berlin for Outstanding Artistic Contribution. The more you think of this film, the more you are impressed by it. And I was especially affected by the film's use of time, rather than its use of space which also was, obviously, incredible. Cinephiles all around the world must be celebrating this film these days.

And I ended the festival with a re-watch of 'The Brand New Testament'. Why and how that happened - has been covered in a separate post.

The final day at MAMI is always very melancholic. And when it ends, it leaves me miserable. This year's end was similar, but its intensity was unmatched. I don't know if it is ever possible to top this closing experience. I don't know if I really want this to change - that the final evening at MAMI 2015 was the most beautiful and fulfilling finale I have experienced at a film-festival.

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