October 24, 2016

Mumbai 2016, Day 2: Oh, What a Lovely Day!

All the five movies I watched today were really good, perhaps all were better than the best movie from yesterday. After these ten movies in two days, I already feel immensely satisfied with this year's festival. Following are the five from day two:

Paradise (2016/ Russia/ Andrei Konchalovsky): Joint winner of Best Director award at Venice, this film is Russia's Oscar entry this year. Every frame shines with brilliance. The film proves that even on the subject of the Holocaust, you can still make something extremely original. My favourite film of the festival so far.

The Land of the Enlightened (2016/ Belgium/ Pieter-Jan De Pue): Winner of the cinematography prize at Sundance, this docu-drama moves you like a beautiful poem. It is stunning, engaging, lyrical and deep. What an experience!

The Salesman (2016/ Iran/ Asghar Farhadi): Iran's Oscar entry, the suspenseful drama won Best Screenplay and Best Actor at Cannes. Farhadi continues telling compelling stories, movie after movie!

Death in Sarajevo (2016/ Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Danis Tanovic): Grand Jury Prize and FIPRESCI Prize winner at Berlin, this entire film is set in a hotel, but talks about everything from individual human struggles to international war and peace. The director of 'No Man's Land' does it again. It is also competing at the Oscars.

Personal Shopper (2016/ France/ Olivier Assayas): Joint winner of Best Director at Cannes this year, it is again a very engaging film about a girl dealing with the loss of her brother. It is an English-language film with elements of psychological drama and a ghost story.

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