October 24, 2016

Mumbai 2016, Day 3: More Power to the Dark, Please

Fourteen movies in three days. I am happy now. Yes, it is difficult to believe that three days are already over. But I am glad to have watched some really good movie. After a brilliant last day, it was difficult for me be blown away by the movies of today, but the last one, a deeply unsettling horror masterpiece compensated for everything. The 'After Dark' section at this festival is really good and I hope they keep bringing us awesome horror movies year after year.

Letters from War (2016/ Portugal/ Ivo M. Ferreira): Portugal's Oscar entry this year, it tells the real-life story of Antonio Lobo Antunes, an army doctor and novelist during his days in Angola.

Neruda (2016/ Chile/ Pablo Larrain): Another film on a real life character, a poet and a politician. With this I have finished watching eight Oscar contenders for the Foreign-Language category this year. Hope to add some more names to this list.

Goodbye Berlin (2016/ Germany/ Fatih Akin): Akin does a Gondry. This road movie involving two teenagers is very similar to last year's 'Microbe and Gasoline'. But despite that it was loved by the audience, for obvious reasons. Perhaps the most accessible movie of the festival so far.

The Wailing (2016/ South Korea/ Na Hong-jin): If I have to recommend one movie as a must watch from the fourteen that I have watched so far, it has to be this. Doing something original in the horror genre is such a tremendous achievement. And this film does not give you a single moment of gimmicky, alarming shock. It sits on you with its heavy knees on your chest and keeps grinding until you are exhausted and haunted forever. Is it South Korea's answer to 'Rosemary's Baby'?

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