July 05, 2009

Highly Recommended!

Let me apologize for not watching this in the theater. But it released with three other films - 'Straight', 'Aloo Chaat' and 'Firaaq'. And I could not afford more than one film per weekend. So I chose to go for 'Firaaq'. And it was tonight, just an hour ago that I watched 'Barah Aana'.

I strongly believe in independent cinema and hope that small films can actually help in bringing about a much-needed change in the film-making temperaments of the Hindi Film Industry. But on most occasions, these films are not as good as they promise. And they hardly make money, even if they are among the better lot.

'Barah Aana' is definitely well-made. If you believe in this kind of entertainment, it actually manages to do that. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it enlightens. It is deep. It has layers. And it makes you think. I had heard people were not sure about the ending. A leading film-critic mentions in his review that there are surreal elements in the film. Not sure what they are talking about. It is just smart storytelling, with a sense of purpose and economy of words.

My heartiest congratulations and thanks to the makers - the gutsy producers, the director and his crew and the fabulous actors. One word for Naseeruddin Shah, not about his acting, which everyone is talking about, but for his nod to act in this film. Films like these need the support of veterans like him and it is exceptionally pleasant to find him gracing this brave attempt with his charming presence. And thumbs up for the dialogues by Raj Kumar Gupta. Wish I could write like him.

I highly recommend this 95 minute venture to those who want to spend a quality time smiling. And sorry once again for watching a pirated version. Hoping this article helps me in making up for that.

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