October 21, 2010

Binge Time

It is back to the madness. Mumbai Film Festival 2010 begins today. As always, the opening movie can be attended only by invitation. And no body remembered inviting me, so I am not going. I would rather wait for it, ‘The Social Network’ by David Fincher, to get released in the theatres. Guess it will not be before December. But it’s OK.

It’s OK because the line-up of the movies in the next seven days is so exciting that missing the opening movie does not seem to be an issue. This time, it is indeed the best of modern world cinema. And they have a special segment on the best films from the Japanese film history. After a long wait I finally got the schedule last week and spent hours making my own plans for the next seven days: what to watch, what to miss. It is such a pity that you can practically watch only up to five movies a day. The day gets over by the time you finish the fifth!

Last year my days at the fest also included three hours of travel time – I stayed far from the venue. This time, I would save time on that. Hoping to post a daily report on this blog.

But this time there is one little problem. There is this assignment I have taken and am afraid they would call me for a meeting or something. Hope they do not do that before 28th, the day when the event ends and I do get to beat my last year’s record of 34 movies.

What I most importantly hope from this fest is that it inspires me to write a good script again. It has been quite some time since I did that!


  1. Hi.. :)
    And finally you are back... was wondering about your absence... but i knew, once MAMI starts, you will be back..!!
    Well, i am a new admirer of your blog.. and a cinema aspirant. Oh...btw, your absence from the blog for some time did work positively for me.. as it gave me the time to go through all your previous posts and enhance my understanding about cinema... as am completely new to this frame..!! read your views, then watched some films... the other times, watched the film and then read your comments... but seriously sir ji..!! It is crazy and maddening... this passion for cinema... no wonder you got stuck to it so badly... and the bug has bitten me badly now.. ;)
    i have exams going on and working on other things as well... but still am working damn hard to find time for MAMI... and for whatever i miss... i am sure.. you are always there..!!!
    looking forward for a lot more great write-ups, reviews, comments and discussions..!!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comment
    keep reading
    keep watching good cinema
    we might bump into each other at MAMI! who knows?