October 21, 2010

Mumbai Film Fest Opening Day: Got Last-Minute Lucky

Just after writing the last post, my brother informed me that he has a pass for the opening movie and he won't be able to go. So, I got lucky!

As expected, the Opening Ceremony started late, and the punctual ones like me were thanked 'for our patience'. And when the hosts, Minissha Lamba and Prachi Desai, did come on stage, it was followed by one embarrassing show. It was only after two hours that the opening movie did start.

And thanks to cinema, and what better than a good Hollywood movie in a situation like this, that my evening got made. David Fincher's latest 'The Social Network' on the story behind the creation of Facebook and its emergence as a major social phenomenon opened the festival.

It is an involving and if you may, inspiring, movie and I would recommend you to watch it. The poor sound system of Chandan Theater (the Main Venue for the fest) didn't allow me to comprehend all of the dialogue and I would want to watch it again. Right now, I am going to read about Mark Zuckerberg and his partners. And then will go to bed early: the next few days are going to be busy.

P.S. Last time I went to Chandan, a major single-screen theater, it was to watch 'Dabangg' at the stalls. And today it is welcoming International delegates for a prestigious film festival, despite not being well-equipped. Guess, this is how things will always be in this country!

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