October 28, 2010

Mumbai 2010 Day #6: Duties and Dilemmas

I chose to watch Benedek Fliegauf’s ‘Womb’(2010) because its script had won Krzysztof Kieslowski Award at Cannes this year. And it was apparent why. The film deals with the ethical and moral questions related to cloning and incest, and tells an immensely dramatic story without appearing to be doing that, very similar to Kieslowski's cinema. It will take a thousand years for such a film to be made in India.

‘Certified Copy’(2010) was a popular choice among the audience. A day in the lives of an English author and a French lady, and set in Italy, directed by the Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami, the film was a confluence of cultures. Ending on an ambiguous note, it was like an O. Henry story in ‘Before Sunrise/Sunset’ flavour, with Kiarostami’s touches. Loved the film, and Juliette Binoche, again. She had won the Best Actress award at Cannes for this film.

I just realized, three of today’s films were honoured at Cannes. ‘Of Men and Gods’(2010), directed by Xavier Beauvois won the Grand Prix this year. Based on the real story of a small group of Cistercian monks serving the Muslim community in Algeria and trying to survive the hostility of the local terrorist groups, it was one of the most spiritual films I have seen, besides being extremely affecting and well-made. My pick of the day.

Another special screening late night. Sofia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere’(2010) won the Golden Lion at Venice 2010. It was her second film that I watched, and like the hugely acclaimed ‘Lost in Translation’(2003), it left me wondering – Why is this such a good film? It had just a glimpse into the superficial luxuries and the lustful life of an average Hollywood star, and the responsibilities he has to fulfill towards his daughter. Neither a definite progression of story, nor a clear ending, it didn’t even try to be taken seriously. Perhaps some day I would know why.

On the penultimate day, my count reaches twenty-four. I don’t expect much from tomorrow. Just one good movie would do. And the one I have selected is truly special! Just a few hours left for that…


  1. perhaps being the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola has its own merits... ;)..

    and as u mentioned the film before sunset/ sunrise.. had a doubt.. is the movie an adaptation of any of the oscar wilde stories..?? coz i thought sunset was just a sequel to sunrise...
    and the beauty of before sunset is that even if you havent seen its prequel.. before sunrise.. u will still completely understand and fall in love with the film... and about its ambiguous ending... heard that the makers are planning a third part to it.. !!

  2. What I meant was the story is like Oscar Wilde stuff, screenplay like Before Sunrise/Sunset, and direction Kiarostami's.

  3. I can't believe it...
    all this while I wanted to say O Henry and I'm saying Oscar Wilde....
    correction made in the post...