October 21, 2013

Mumbai 2013 Day #3: Death Stories

'The Act of Killing' (2012) by Joshua Oppenheimer: I had absolutely no clue about the massacre of "communists" in Indonesia and that until now the people who committed those crimes are not punished and take pride, and openly so, in having sone that. This documentary was unforgettable.

'Layla Fourie' (2013) by Pia Marais: A woman who never lies, and has just taken the job of a lie detector, runs down a man and then struggles to save herself and her little son by, obviously, concealing the truth.

'Young and Beautiful' (2013) by Francois Ozon: Not a single French film in the first eleven! Of course, French Cinema had to be back with vengeance. And when it comes to a subject like this - a 17-year old girl loses virginity at a beach party, and then very soon starts living the secret life of a call girl - no one can do it better than the French, and especially, Ozon.

'Mood Indigo' (2013) by Michel Gondry: French again. And Gondry takes you to an unparalleled, unprecedented journey of imaginative story-telling. Not too much of story, but lots and lots of imagination - original, unforgettable.

'The Major' (2013) by Yury Bykov: This Russian film had a thrilling premise. Rashly driving to meet her wife in labour, a Major from the police force runs over a seven-year old kid, in front of his mother. The entire force - his seniors and juniors - are more than eager to twist facts and save him, but will his conscience allow this? And how far will he go to walk the difficult path of righteousness?

Three days. 14 movies. Good going.

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