October 22, 2013

Mumbai 2013 Day #4: All the Beautiful Things in Life

This is the sixth film festival I am attending (Pune 2008 and Mumbai 2009 to 2013). And finally today, I saw my name up there on the screen. Produced and directed by some of my dearest friends, "Sulemani Keeda" (2013/ Amit Masurkar) had a successful packed-house screening. A song written by my brother and me features in the film, hence the credit.

With 'Blue is the Warmest Color' (France/ 2013) by Abdellatif Kechiche, the most eagerly awaited movie of this festival, this day was definitely going to be special. I did love the film, but there were some pleasant surprises beyond it. '3X3D' (France-Portugal/ 2013), an experimental anthology of three short films by Peter Greenaway, Edgar Pera, and Jean-Lud Godard was a pure sensory experience, and especially Greenaway's film was stunning. 'Tonnerre' (France/ 2013) by Guillaume Brac was an involving, well-made debut by the director. However, the biggest surprise was this American film, 'Short Term 12' (2013). It made me laugh. It made me cry. Its characters inspired and amused me. It entertained me in every way, and its writing was something I would like to revisit to learn a thing or two, or more. Possibly, the best film I have watched in the last four days, the best out of 19. If there is any other film that can beat this one, I would be overwhelmed by this festival. Really hope it happens!


  1. Director Saahab....landed on ur blog page after ages and read a lot of new good news amongst other old good news! Still trying to remember the best movie at pune festival 2008.....def there were quite a few!!

    1. Ha ha. Yes, Pune 2008 will always be a special festival for us as it was our first. Too bad I didn't have my blog then.... In fact, not I feel I should try to look into my personal diary and write a post about that - our first experience at a film festival! :)

      Thanks for dropping by!