March 13, 2015

Modern Masters #10: Christopher Nolan

TSPDT's latest list of the 1000 most-acclaimed films of this century is out. TSPDT's latest list of the 1000 most-acclaimed films of this century is out. Based on that, I have selected filmmakers with the most impressive filmographies since 2000. Their ranking considers two aspects - how many of their films feature in Top 1000, and what is the respective rank of each of these films on that list. Starting today I present a series of ten posts, one for each director.

"Every film should have its own world, a logic and feel to it that expands beyond the exact image that the audience is seeing."


44-year old British-American filmmaker, youngest in Top 10

Has directed eight films since 2000, seven of which feature in Top 1000: Memento, The Batman trilogy, The Prestige, Inception, and Interstellar. Highest-rated film is Memento (2000) at #47.

Trivia: Nolan is yet to win a major directing award. He has also never been nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. 

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