March 14, 2015

Modern Masters #9: Claire Denis

TSPDT's latest list of the 1000 most-acclaimed films of this century is out. Based on that, I have selected filmmakers with the most impressive filmographies since 2000. Their ranking considers two aspects - how many of their films feature in Top 1000, and what is the respective rank of each of these films on that list. 

"For me, film-making is a journey into the impossible"


68-year old French filmmaker, the only woman in Top 10

Has directed six films since 2000, ALL of which feature in Top 1000: Trouble Every Day, Friday Night, The Intruder, 35 Shots of Rum, White Material, and BastardsHighest-rated film is 35 Shots of Rum (2008) at #141.

Trivia: Denis made her directorial debut at the age of 42 with Chocolat (1988) that premiered in Official Competition at Cannes. It lost to 'Pelle the Conquerer'.

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